Dear JBM Board, 

I wanted to write you and update you all on this last year and what I'm seeing for the new year.

2015 was a banner year for us. It was tremendously productive. A building year. 

We sent out a fundraising letter in Q1 of 2015 with an appeal for a $100,000 budget. While I didn't do the greatest job of sending that letter, it was a pdf attached to an email, God was faithful. Only about five or six recipients responded yet we finished the year with in excess of $70,000 income. That last 30% that didn't get funded included some product development... 

The accomplishments for 2015 include:

  • Hired Danny Hochstatter part-time as a videographer and product development manager
  • Hired Olivia Ludwick as manager and executive assistant
    • Both did tremendous, effective, dedicated work throughout the year
  • Wrote, shot and launched the Hearing The Voice of God and Journaling class on Udemy.com.
  • Wrote, produced and published The Ultimate Father Father's Day video.
  • Edit, layout and publishing of my first book Change Is For The Brave.
  • Launched the JBM Daily Show with our own YouTube Channel.
  • Taught and ministered at a pastor's conference with over 200 pastors and leaders in Baguio City, Philippines.
  • Mission trip to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.
  • Started our monthly partnership program with a good start of about $130/month of income from these partners. This is done through an automated monthly withdrawal. 
  • Continued in the pastorate at Family Life Christian Center, moved into our new building and making plans for a purchase.

So, 2015 was a really wonderful year. I see much longterm fruit coming from what was sown this past year.


2016 - I See Transitions

As we have moved into the new year I have not done a very good job of raising funds... 

Through much prayer and seeking advice I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to step out and start ministering in other churches. Unlike my missions efforts in the past, this time I see myself going to mostly US churches and ministering in music, teaching and the prophetic. I have begun the process of calling and sending emails to pastors and leaders to let them know of my availability. 

It seems to all start off next week. I am teaching two chapel services at Charis Bible College/Chicago one on Wednesday(1/27), one of Saturday(1/30). I'm also speaking at Tyndale House Publishers chapel service on Thursday(1/28). On February 2nd I'm heading to Santa Barbara, CA for a week. My son, Mark, has set up some meetings for me there at his church and in the local area.

For over two decades I have had a desire to go minister in churches with my music and teaching but the phone has remained silent. I was waiting for the phone to ring. It must be time for me to answer God's call because He will not lift this desire from me.

I was praying the other day about the number of views on the JBM Daily Show

Here's is my journal entry about that:


Good morning Lord.
Give me wisdom for the things ahead.
I’ve worked so hard to get this daily show up and running. Its running but there are nowhere near the viewers and visitors that I desire. What should I do?
You must go meet them.

You must go and be in front of people. As they get to know you they will come... Go Son. Go out. Feed the nations. Still the hunger. The cry is loud. The river is deep. Go feed them. There are so many more who need to hear what I’ve placed in you. Go and feed them.