JBM 2018 Year-End Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

Joseph Barlow Ministries has had such an excellent year I wanted to give you an update.
JBM 10 Yrs Old
It's been 10 years now since the day I received the vision from God and made a declaration that this ministry was in existence. October 20th, 2008.

This has been probably our most productive year so far. At the end of last year as I was meeting with my team at the church, Family Life Christian Center, we discussed the need to put a portion of my salary over onto JBM as well as my insurance. The church just wasn't at a place to sustain us. Strategically, putting our worship leader/associate pastor into the executive pastor role, freed me from many of those executive duties and enabled me to focus more on the call God was increasing in my heart to move JBM forward. I'm continuing as the Senior Pastor, just with less daily duties.

JBM Daily Show

We started the JBM Daily show again back in November of last year. We've been making constant improvements all year and back in August hired a producer to take most of the technical load of producing the show off of me. I'm not sure if you've seen it lately but we are light years ahead of where we started. People are being discipled on a daily basis, the viewership has increased and many people daily rely on my Facebook presence. We've begun recruiting partners on that show.

Healing Is Yours - Album

A dream finally came true this year with my first healing album being completed. Healing Is Yours is five instrumentals I'd written with prayers, prophecy and scriptures spoken over the music. We're currently finishing the graphics up on that for distribution. You can currently purchase the download for computer, but other versions will be out soon.

Fresh Move - Women's Meeting

Our Fresh Move meeting on Tuesday mornings in Geneva has not stopped being a blessing to very many women. We took one month off so I could get surgery on my forehead. But now the group is back going strong. We started with 12 women in September of 2017. It grew to over 40 women at times. We would estimate that somewhere between 30-40 women have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit there, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. My wife, Nancy, is a key player in that meeting. I do the worship then teaching, but she is the one who prays with them to receive; and they do receive! We love these women! These meetings are run without agenda other than to see what the Holy Spirit will do. They are always notably supernatural. And so much fun. I know its kind of strange for a man to be leading a women's meeting, but no one seems to mind.

Online Class

Our online class Hearing The Voice of God and Journaling hosted on Udemy.com continues to get great reviews and we've now had over 200 students. We are looking to increase the number of classes we provide online. This is a booming market and a great opportunity for us.

Music & Writing

I'm continuing to pursue my writing of music. I'll have to get back to writing the books later.


I did one missions trip this year, to Luxembourg then Porto in Portugal. For the new year I have invitations to Liberia (Pastor's conference), Porto and the Philippines. I'm praying for God's plan for each one. Each of these places is not able to provide for my transportation. They definitely need more Gospel! If the Lord is sending me, I will go.

Year-End Giving - Our Current Need

As you are wrapping up your 2018, please consider JBM in your year-end giving. Not only are there needs we need to complete for this year but we want to get a jump on our new year’s budget.

Our 2018 budget for the ministry was $102,000. So far we’ve hit $53,000. We’re a bit behind and were not able to do everything we intended, but again, as you can see, it’s been an excellent year.
God is so good, he has helped us, but there is much more to do. 

I believe in my heart that JBM is excellent soil to sow into and we have been excellent stewards with what the Lord has provided. The structures we are setting up now will prepare the ministry for what we believe will be abundant harvest.  We appreciate your support and partnership. Not only am I glad that you are with us here, but you will be with us when we are rejoicing, receiving our reward in heaven.

So, I'm asking you to ask the Lord what He would have you do toward helping us.

Click here to get involved.
Thank you for your giving, your faithfulness and your friendship. It is wonderful to know that I'm not doing this alone,  as both you and the Lord are with me.