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I've asked you to come to review my new book CHANGE IS FOR THE BRAVE. Thank you for coming. Take your time and look through the pages here. It's only 40 pages, 40 sayings. If you'd like to just read the text scroll down. When you are finished and have something to say to me or would like to encourage others to get the book, please write an endorsement. If you write an endorsement please give an example of how you would like to be quoted, eg. Joseph Barlow, Pastor, Founder of Joseph Barlow Ministries.

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Title Page

Change Is For The Brave
by Joseph Barlow
copyright 2015
All rights reserved. Any duplication or reprinting of this work or any part thereof for any commercial profit is forbidden without express written permission from the author. Any quotations from this book must give proper credit including the phrases ""Change Is For The Brave"" and ""by Joseph Barlow".

ISBN: 978-0-9971678-0-1

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PO Box 386
Wheaton, IL 60187

Introduction Page

Welcome to Change Is For The Brave.

Affecting change in our lives is so elusive; we grasp for it as for water with a bare hand or as for oil. Lasting change just slips away from us. Is there a key? Is there a way to accomplish lasting change in our lives? 
What’s revealed in this book is a topographical look at what you will have to deal with to affect change in yourself.  As you take time with each statement on each page, our intention is that you will slow down for a time of reflection, even spending a few minutes on each page just to let the deeper truths of the statements sink in. 
Reading this book in this manner will be like having someone holding your hand through the deep processes of change. I believe change is possible and you believe change is necessary. 
Receive this book as a step toward that change you desire.
Wishing you the bravery needed for effective change...
Joseph Barlow

Actual Text of the Book

1. Discipline comes from seeing that where you are is not where you want to be. It's time to move.
2. Correction is needed in your life. Be willing to take on a new regimen.
3. New desires are calling you to give up your old failed routines.
4. It's time to dig new furrows, the old ones are easier to follow but they're taking you on the wrong road.
5. In making lasting change, your will shall be constantly challenged until new habits are formed.
6. Discipline is re-aligning your actions, practices and habits to a new truth.
7. Once discipline leads to habit or the establishment of a new status quo, your desires line up with the new way and you have arrived at a new station in life, one where you’re not hurting yourself with your own actions.
8. Status quo is where the furrows are deep, the habits are set, you don’t fight you just flow; you just better be sure you’re flowing where you want to go.
9. Are you on the bus that takes you to your preferred destination? Habits are moving you somewhere.
10. Habits are programs in you that run continually until you break or replace them.
11. Habits are extraordinarily helpful because we’ve decided a pathway and we program that into our whole person: our thoughts, tendencies, leanings, desires, even muscle-memory all flow in the same direction...there’s very little stress in continuing wholeheartedly in a habit.
12. Changing your subconscious mind is indeed a process; it is the place in you where all habits dwell.
13. Negative habits are set because you continued in them when in fact you should have resisted.
14. Right habits are tied to an end that you love.
15. Establishing right habits comes from knowing where you want to go and be.
16. Habits are in place because you put them there. How blessed to have a system where our desires are fulfilled by our habits continuing to propel us to where we want to go!
17. Continuous incremental change is the habit's way. Those that degrade your life are not your friends.
18. Falling out of love with old ways: Seeing negative habits as enemies will help you  leave them.
19. Habits bring continuous incremental change; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer. Who knows? You might need to divorce some of your habits.
20. Take cover! You're entering a war! Negative habits are enemies that can be defeated. Wage the war well. Know the enemy. Destroy him.
21. Resolve is required, but stress comes when two desires within you clash. Now a decision has to be made and you can't fight on both sides.
22. Decisions. Deciding. There is a root word in there that means “to cut” like incision, excision. Making a decision to cut something from your life is not easy, nor is the execution of it. But new paths and horizons lie beyond the reach of these tethers that hinder you.
23. Daily systems, habits, programs rise from within you running your schedule, reducing the conscious decisions to be made. These programs run automatically.  Unlocking this intricate system is the key to changing your destiny.
24. All the members of who you are, your mind, your body, your heart; they all want to work together. Let them unite as you choose one direction.
25. Deciding between two desires could mean the death of one and the life of the other, but not deciding could mean the death of both.
26. Trust your gut! Make a cut. Choose, you must or all will bust. Indecision is your enemy. Be bold! Choose!
27. If clarity of desire eludes you, so will progress.
28. Desire what's best. Desire it deeply. Let that desire burn down deeply and change the core of who you are.
29. Not desiring is unhealthy for you. Desires polarize your whole being bringing amazing order. Beauty in singleness of purpose.
30. Desires align your whole person. They draw all the energies from every part of you to serve the one desire. Healthy alignment.
31. Unity of purpose. Your whole self prefers to serve one desire rather than endure the stress of not knowing which to serve.
32. Amazing power and potential is released when your whole self comes into alignment with one purpose.
33. Deeply held beliefs go unchallenged within you. You allow no contenders.
34. Every word you hear must obey your deepest beliefs or you reject them. Contrary voices will eventually be silenced in your world. You'll make sure of it.
35. Any deeply held belief within you that has no action attached to it, is a lie. You don't believe it enough to do what is required. There comes a time when you have to actually get up off the couch and go do what you believe.
36. ""Now"" is a portal through which the future is constantly passing to become the past. Don't try to fit two purposes at a time through that tiny hole. One at a time please.
37. Judging your current condition...if you like it leave it alone, if not are you willing to change?
38. Are You Ready?
39. You can do this!
40. Change is for the brave!

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