- this online class will change your life -

What if I were to sell you a telephone that had some super-power on which you could talk to God any time you wanted? What if it really worked? Would you buy it? How much would that be worth to you? Do you think it would change your life?

It would.

Effectively, that is what this class is offering you. A direct line, direct communication with God. God desires to speak to His children; He wants to be active in your life. Open this door to Him.

Enter into the conversation of a lifetime.

We can’t encourage you enough to take this course. The blessings are amazing!

  • That God wants to speak to you

  • The scriptural foundation for hearing God's voice

  • How to hear the voice of God

  • How to develop hearing His voice as a skill

  • How to develop accuracy by testing what you hear

  • How to begin keeping a daily journal

  • How to converse with God at will

  • How to meet with God at least daily to converse with Him

  • How to be humble about this skill

  • How to be confident in your relationship with God

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