Pastor Joe ministering in Luxembourg

Pastor Joe ministering in Luxembourg

Joe has been ministry minded most of his life. Since his salvation at 11, baptism in the Holy Spirit at age 13 and call to ministry at 17, he has kept his eye on God's call for his life.

  • Happily married to his wife, Nancy, since 1985

  • Bachelor of Music in Composition and Theory

  • Father of seven children

  • Sales manager/sales trainer for eight years - for Christianity Today and Tyndale House Publishers

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer - Programming in Visual Basic and Access

  • Database Programmer

  • Studio Musician

  • Songwriter

  • Entertainer

  • Director of a Bill Winston's School of Ministry and Bible Training Center

  • Chief Operating Officer of a $550M Hedge Fund

  • Founder of his own non-profit organization Joseph Barlow Ministries

  • Founder of Family Life Christian Center, Carol Stream, IL


With all the amazing successes in his life so far, the ones he is most proud of are his children:

His eldest daughter, Sarah, under his guidance, started her own photography business when she was 16, shot weddings for up to $8,000 each, moved to Nashville at age 20 to be more involved in fashion photography, she shot Taylor Swift's last two albums, Red and 1989. Her many other accomplishments include shoots for Pharrell Williams, Tori Kelly, 17 Magazine, Self, Vogue, DSW shoes and all of Hollister Clothing's recent advertisements. Joe has a deal with his daughter, Sarah, whoever becomes a millionaire first has to buy the other one a car. Sarah, hasn’t bothered to pick hers out yet, but Joe has picked out a Tesla X.


Joe’s son, Andrew, started working remotely for a Santa Barbara based company at age 16. At age 20 he was called upon to move there. He works full-time for but also fulfilled his dream of becoming a police officer, he volunteers for over 10 hours weekly with the SBPD having graduated at the top of his academy in Ventura. Andrew & Kimmy have two beautiful daughters.


The list goes on with their other five children, each of whom is uniquely gifted. Joe says, “One of my favorite things is watching our children blossom. A wise woman once told us, ‘Joe & Nancy, you have no idea who you might be raising.’"