Enjoying The Ride

Blogging is Fun & (hopefully) Effective
Well folks, I've been blogging for two weeks now and feel like this just fits me. Writing is easy for me, so this hasn't been a chore. I believe as long as I keep listening, I'll never run out of things to say. I've been amazed at who has stopped by to read. Thanks to those of you who have left comments, I really appreciate the interaction and the encouragement.

In just these few short days since I started this we have had over 1000 hits and they are from people all over the globe. Not just Illinois, not just the U.S. but many different countries are in the list of who has stopped by this blog. God bless you all for coming. Pray for me and this blog that God would give me the right words to say and that many people would stop and read and be fed by God's word and His love.

Simple Stuff
I'm excited about today. We're getting new carpeting put in the offices at our church. The old stuff was in terrible condition. The new stuff is nice, it's better quality than what's there and I found it at a great deal $7/yd. The other stuff I was going to get was $13/yd. God is faithful, he leads us into victory even in the mundane areas of our lives.

Things at church are going well. I started pastoring back on September 11th of 2005. Again, it hasn't been a burden. I feel like God has just been working on me all these years to get me ready to be in the place where I'm at. Yeah, there is a huge amount of responsibility but it hasn't weighed me down.

My kids are so excited to be back at Praise Fellowship, they love it there. My wife is really focused on our newest child, JuliAnna. Nancy & I are also taking a prayer class together at Living Word in Forest Park. Before going to the first class last week I asked the Lord, "Is this really what you want me to do?" He spoke in my heart, "How many members do you want in your congregation?"

Folks, God is good. You can live every moment of your life with Him. Enjoy Him. Enjoy the ride. Have a great day.
Love ya