Hearing God's Voice

Monday's my day off. It's a beautiful day in Chicagoland. I'll probably take the family to Millenium Park downtown today.

Yesterday morning when I woke up the Lord started speaking to me. Here's what He said:
Preach my word of faith with faith!

I am showing you the way. I am making the way clear. I am going before you - establishing - There are blessings in store you don't know about, but walk in faith and you'll see them.

After He spoke that, the day went exceptionally well.

I love hearing from the Lord. As often as I'm faithful to sit down with pen & paper and listen to Him, He's faithful to speak. He encourages me continually, corrects me often, but always loves me.

I believe in living my life by the voice of God. "Man does not live on bread alone but by every word that flows from the mouth of God."

Since its Monday, even though its my day off I try to begin listening to the Lord about what He wants me to preach the next Sunday. I'm trusting and waiting expectantly for Him to speak. When He gives me the message comes at various times and places. I could be in the middle of any activity and as soon as the message comes to my attention I almost feel a little "click" on the inside of me, it comes with confidence and peace, so then I begin to move forward and develop the message from there. Usually the rest of the week I try to stay alert and watch how He ties several different thoughts together around that theme.

Listen for His voice today. See ya later.