There's an old hymn that talks about leaning on the everlasting arms - I love that song.

I 'm not afraid to tell you that I can't do all this on my own. You know, life. I can't do life without some help. A lot of help!

As a father, one thing I love is holding my little girl's hand as I walk her up the steps. That little hand in mine is precious. She trusts me. When I'm holding her hand she knows she won't fall. Daddy can catch her. She doesn't mind holding my hand - she seems to like it.

One day I was driving in the car with one of my children(I'll leave it gender neutral so they won't know who I'm talking about), as we were going along in silence I found myself unsure of what to say. I didn't like the quiet. I wanted to communicate. I wanted a free flow of love and joy between us. I got more uncomfortable as the time passed. As far as parental communication goes I was failing the test. The next day when I was in prayer the Lord spoke to me, "You thought you were alone. I would have told you what to say, if you had asked."

I had been driving all that time and never thought to ask God to help me. I felt so stupid. Self-sufficiency is stupid when the person next to you has the answer. God was with me. I wasn't with Him.

Leaning on someone else requires trust. I needed God's help. He wanted to help me. But if I won't lean on Him He can't help me.

Lean on the Lord. Put some weight against Him. He'll support you. He's right there with you. He won't force you. But if you begin to rely on Him you'll be blessed. That's the beginning of the faith walk. A joyful journey where showers of blessings come on you. Mostly His love.

The Lord bless you today as you simply lean on Him.

Love ya