Oh Happy Day!!!

Today is my birthday.

What a great day. My son, Mark, took me to play raquetball. The ladies at the Y sang to me. My wife made me a great breakfast including a super-thick chocolate-chip cookie. I finally got a project started at work that's been hanging over me for awhile. I got to play my son, Johnny, in Chess. My daughter took me out to lunch at a very expensive resaurant on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I got a new electric razor - (my first one was given to me at 16, after it broke the 2nd lasted until now.) I got a hot jacuzzi bath and a back rub, ice cream and cake, a bunch of phone calls to wish me a happy day. I got a nap and we had some time worshiping the Lord on the guitar. I got a puzzle book and I beat my son, Andrew, in chess and I still have an Oberweiss milkshake coming - well maybe not today. Tonight we're going to play CashFlow (Rich Dad, Poor Dad game) which I highly recommend.

It's wonderful to be loved.

When I was little my Dad gave me lots of hugs - he often would tell me that God loves hugs.
I've gotten alot of them today.

No matter how much love you're getting today or in this life - don't miss heaven; 'cause if its any better than what I've had today(and I'm sure it is) you don't want to miss it.

Jesus loves you.

He's your only ticket to heaven to get a hug from your heavenly Father.
Love Him!
He loves you!
Give your life to Him.
You'll never be truly satisfied to your very core any other way.

See ya