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Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! You know, making decisions requires energy; emotional energy. Just like shopping, expert salesman will tell you that all purchasing decisions are emotional. That’s why impulse buying works. It draws you into your emotions as quickly as possible so that you act(buy) before you snap out of it.

Obey your vision!

If God put a vision in your heart for your life (see earlier posts to learn about getting a pure vision from God) then that vision will give you permission to say no. It will help you make decisions. My son wants to save for a down payment on a house. But that milkshake would taste soooooo good! Salesmen would work to magnify your current desires and minimize your long-term goal so that you buy now!

If you spend no time thinking about your life and your future then vision means nothing to you and you’ll just wait and see what kinds of cards life deals you. But don’t wonder if you end up nowhere. (Sorry if that sounded harsh.)

Can you write your vision? Is it clear enough to explain it quickly to someone? When was the last time you thought about your vision? Spend some time with your vision. Imagine yourself in it now. Take enough time so that your desire for your vision increases. If it does then when you make decisions you’ll decide in favor of your vision rather than your temporal desires.

Hope this helps.