A Lot Going On!

Well we're processing alot of things here. Trying to get things done. Keep us in prayer to succeed in all this. We know God's hand of blessing is on us.

Currently Nancy & I are in two classes:
Growing Kids God's Way - an 18 week class on raising kids - this is our 6th time through it, our third time to teach it, but we attribute much of our parenting success to this class. Also we're taking Intercessory Prayer Training at our parent church Living Word Christian Center - this is a ten week class to help strengthen our prayer life, both personally and within the church.

Church Transition:
Our founding pastors at Praise Fellowship decided to sell the building, no longer have a congregation and use the proceeds of the building to help the new congregation and our missionaries. So we've started a new church: EMPOWER. We're currently looking for new property, setting up everything, the web site, the new accounting, new organization and also helping everyone manage the change process.

Going On The Radio
Starting this coming Monday, June 19th, 2006 I'll be doing a new daily radio show. Actually we take my Sunday preaching and along with announcements cut it into five 13 minutes segments. We'll be setting these shows up as podcasts as well. The show will be aired at 7pm CST in Chicago on AM 1160 WYLL. On the web at that time at http://www.wyll.com. Nancy wants me to do recorded shows where I talk directly to the radio audience - I'm praying about that. Its more work but could be more fun and help reach more people.

Although this is a lot we wouldn't decrease it at all.
If you don't endeavor to do big things you'll just end up watching - probably on TV.
Love y'all