So, What Are You Doing With It?

Each of us has a gift. Some have several, some have few. But all of us are endowed.

So what are you doing with yours?

You may know what your gift is. If so, are you working it? Are you being faithful to the one who gave it to you? Are you bearing any fruit with it?

Maybe you don’t know what your gift is. Maybe nobody ever said to you, “Wow, you’re really good at that!” If that’s you, what you need to do is go to your deepest heart’s desires: What would you like to do? Or What would you like to be? Chances are your heart knows what you’re good at but you haven’t let it work its way out of you yet. Begin to pursue deep heart desires; not passionate, lustful, self-serving desires – but those that serve others.

In your pursuit of these things you’ll begin to find out what you’re good at and you may begin to get a glimpse of your purpose in life.