Get Some Rest

Monday's my day off and I just got done playing a video game with my boys. We all fly around on different computers networked together and shoot at each other. My son, Mark is an Ace. I spent most of the time restarting after getting blown up by him.

But man after you've been playing one of those games it helps you to see how busy life is. You end up feeling so tired because of all the mental stimulation. Things flying at you from every direction.

Life is like that.

It seems like no matter what, we keep getting busier and busier.

Sometimes we just need to unplug.

Turn off the computer, the TV, even the phone(if necessary) and just go sit.

Maybe go take a walk.

Let your brain unwind a bit.

Take in the sunshine. Listen to the crickets. Watch the clouds go by or listen to the wind blow.

God's mental stimulation, these things I've mentioned, have a calming effect on us. It refreshes us.

Take some time to refresh yourself.

You'll be much more accurate when its time to return to the battle. (I AM GOING TO GET YOU MARK!!!lol)

Love ya