He'll Meet You There - Right In The Center!

Hey Friends,

Boy its been busy.

We've got to learn how to manage our lives.
  • There are so many things that you could do.
  • So many things that need to be done.
  • So many things that we need to do.
  • But there are certain ones that will bear the most fruit.
These are the ones that we should do.
God did not call us to be busy, but to bear fruit. Fruit for Him. Fruit that will last.
Keep thinking and meditating on what He wants you to do in your life.
  • Let it fill you.
  • Let it captivate you.
  • Get excited about it.
Then when you have a decision to make about what you should do right now that excitement will speak to you. It will demand your attention. It wall actually call you into God's will for your life.

If you're like me, the really important things get pushed off for so long that when you actually have time to do them you're in the habit of not doing them.

For me it's playing guitar and worshiping the Lord one on one. I used to do it so much, and it gave me such fulfillment. I believe it blessed Him as well. But there seems to have been this constant flow of "other" things that have pulled me away from that that now its been kind of hard to get the ball rolling. But when I do it, when I press into it. I get blessed. He meets me right there.

And He'll meet you there too, right in the center of His will.

Love ya