He Made The Way, We Didn't

Yesterday I was very busy and struggling to prepare for the Wednesday night service. I felt a little guilty/condemned and I called out to the Lord to help me. Last night's service went better than expected. Way better.

Here's my journal entry from this morning:

Good morning Lord,
Thank you for blessing me even when I'm less than perfect.

Son, walking free from condemnation is something you must master. Rely on the blood for your acceptance not on your works.

I have made the way for you to approach me without guilt and shame, you have not. Your good works do not make you guilt-free. My cleansing, my washing, my sacrifice makes you right. Rely on the path I've made not your own.

So come before me confidently. Confident in the work I've done for you. Our fellowship is sweet when you are not confident through your works but mine.

So rest Son, and receive the things you need from me. rest your heart in my presence. This is the waiting that will renew your strength (Isaiah 40:31) and cause you to mount up with wings as eagles.

Wait, confidently, peacefully before me and let me speak wisdom for each situation. Let me speak answers for each situation. Let me reinvigorate you with strength.

I am yours, Son.

I love you.

Your Father