Charity vs. Business

I have seen throughout my career
Christians who do business with other
Christians only because they are

Repeatedly I have seen this lead to serious disappointment.
Generally speaking, giving business to someone because he is a Christian is bad business.

Giving business to someone because they do excellent work for a reasonable rate is good business.

There is a natural tendency for Christians to want to bless their fellow man or fellow businessman. But don't ever forget that that natural tendency is called CHARITY not BUSINESS.

If you want to bless your brother send him a check.

If you have a job that you need to hire someone for, find someone who'd be best at that job.

I've seen many, many, many people who've not followed this advice, fallen into the trap of mixing charity with business and ended up regretting it.

Also, if you're a Christian in business and expect to cash in on your faith to make up for your shoddy business REPENT! You know better. Start providing an excellent competitive product that's worth the money others are spending.

I'm not trying to be harsh, but to smooth this out would take a whole lot more words.

Hope this helps.