How To Spend Time With God

Hey Friends,

Don't neglect the great benefits you receive by just taking time in God's word.

Let His word just cleanse you, purify you.

It works if you'll take the time to do it.

Turn off the TV, the email, even the web-surfing, get to a secret place or somewhere that you won't be interrupted, get your Bible and your journal or a fresh notebook.

Take time.

Pray and ask Him where to turn to start reading. If no thought comes to you, just turn to wherever you want to read. As you read you might want to write down in your notebook or journal some of the key verses that seem to really be speaking to you.

Write down other thoughts that you have, God will speak to you through this. When I'm doing this I often get a wave of thoughts that try to pull me away from having time with God. So if I remember, "Oh I have to call so-and-so!" I write that down. Then leave that thought alone, go back to my reading of the Word. If another distracting thought comes I do the same again.

As you are persistent in this you get better at it. You'll get your task list written and clear your mind out of all these thoughts that are floating around demanding your energy and attention.

David said in the Psalms, I have stilled and quieted my soul. This is how you do it.

Get focused on God,
  • loving Him,
  • praising Him,
  • listening to Him.
He is good and He wants to touch your life.

Go ahead friends, try this out.

Hebrews 11 says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

God bless you