Shoring Up Your Weaknesses(and your strengths)

Hey Friends,

I heard that one of the meanings for the word "understanding" in the book of Proverbs is "organization".

My pastor, Bill Winston, taught me many times that

"God will supernaturally bless you
to the degree
which you are
sufficiently organized to receive it."

About a month ago the Lord asked me a question:

"What would
your life look like
if it were totally

That is a thought provoking question.
Taking time to answer it will pay you handsome dividends.

I came across this simple book. Although I don't like to classify myself as a dummy sometimes in the area of organization I may act like it. So I'm taking time to read a simple book like this to shore up in this area. It is amazingly helpful to do this.

If you are weak in an area shore it up. But don't spend too much time on your weaknesses. It's better to staff your weaknesses, but that's another subject. Get your weaknesses to a place where you can at least function reasonably. Reading/studying in these areas will help you.

Also, in areas where you have expertise you may want to read up on something in that area to see if there is something new or something you forgot about. That can be a humbling experience for some, but be encouraged: you're bettering yourself and those you serve.

I read my Bible a lot and I'm glad I do. But I find reading other books that bring understanding/organization can greatly enhance your life.


I hope you all are seeking the Lord diligently.

Today in my prayer time the Lord spoke this to me:

"Son, my power is right with you.
My desire is to see my glory manifested in your life.
Discipline makes more room for my glory.
Play your guitar, Son - let me speak in that voice."

I hope this encouraged you today.