It's Time For A Move Of God

Hey Friends,

Throughout history there have been times when man's hunger for God has reached a boiling point where it has to be satisfied.

I believe we're there.
  • Lord, we need more of You in our lives!
  • We are hungry for You.
  • We want to see your glory revealed in every area of our lives.
  • We want to see signs and wonders.
  • We want to see the glory of the Lord fill the earth.
  • We want to see salvations, healings, miracles.
  • We want to see your word taught with authority and revelation.
  • We want to see extravagant worship with great sacrifice of self and pride.
  • We want more of you in our lives.

Holy Spirit, begin to do a work of preparation, help us to be ready for what's next.
Help us in
  • fasting and prayer,
  • study and worship,
  • giving and helping.
We love You Lord. Its time to move. Move in our midst. Have Your way in us.
In Jesus' Name!