Fathers: Tell Your Daughters

Hey Friends,

This post is specifically for fathers
more specifically
fathers with daughters. Feel free to guide fathers here to read this.

I sent this email out yesterday to the fathers on our church mailing list.

I believe I need to share it here as well. I hope it helps you.


As far as I know all of you who are receiving this email are fathers. If not, my apologies.

You also at some point have had some connection with or currently attend Family Life Christian Center so I included you in the list.

I believe most of you have daughters.

Recently a young lady from our church was over to our house. Her and my daughter were looking at pictures. This young lady is very camera-shy. Yet, she was telling how photogenic my daughter was. Her own opinion of herself and her looks was pretty low. I tried to encourage her but seemingly to no avail.

A couple weeks later I was thinking about the situation:

  • This girl thought she was homely.
  • Her confidence was low.
  • Yet this girl is pretty.

She’s in a vulnerable position. I don’t think her father has told her that she’s pretty.

I was convicted right away: When was the last time I had told my oldest daughter Sarah that I thought she was pretty?
She was out of town so I emailed her right away:

I just realized that I haven’t told you in a while that
I think you are beautiful!
Love ya

She wrote back:
Hey dad!!!
Thank you so much….yeah I really did need that….:) It’s so funny how girls need to hear that to feel special! It’s weird! ha! And yet I still love to hear it…hehe!

I responded:

The Lord showed me that about saying that to you. He told me its part of your protection.
Love ya

If your daughter doesn’t think she’s pretty then she’s vulnerable to any guy who says she is.

Tell these girls, no matter their age.
Tell them they are beautiful.

We, as fathers, have the power to shield our girls from quite a bit just by speaking these words to them.

Be encouraged my friend.
If you think you can’t do this, I think you can. You’re a man. Be a man and tell your daughter she’s beautiful.

Thanks for listening.
Pastor Joe

Pastor Joe Barlow
Family Life Christian Center