Feeling Hunger Pains

Hey Friends,

I hope you're all doing well.

Our bodies are amazing and wonderful things:

The other day I was going through my day, I hadn't eaten much but I was doing alright. A little later I noticed this lack of strength and a generally slightly unpleasant feeling. My lightning fast mind realized:

"I'm hungry, I better get something to eat."

So off I go to the kitchen, put together something simple, sit down relax, enjoy.
Pretty soon I was feeling all comfy again.

Our Souls are even more wonderful and complex:

A few weeks ago I was spending alot of time just listening to teachings, spending time reading my Bible, praying; generally trying to be "spiritually minded" which the Bible says leads to "life and peace".
A few days later, things got real busy around the house (with 7 kids that happens sometimes).
Without really noticing it my attention started shifting from spiritual stuff to just plain old natural stuff. I also noticed my attitude started becoming less loving and more "short and to the point."
What my lightning fast mind was not so quick to discern was that I was becoming spiritually hungry. The warning signals are less subtle than those your physical body gives you.


Examine yourself. Are you acting like Jesus or the devil?
If you're not acting like Jesus the answer is simple:
Go spend more time with him.
Become spiritually minded.
That brings life and peace.

Love ya