Is God Able???

Well that question should get you stirred a little???

Of course God is able, He's God!

Well, let's back up a little.

Able to do what?

Can God lie?


Can God bridge the gap between where you are at right now and where you believe you are supposed to be???


Will He?

Well, that's up to you.

God's will doesn't always automatically come to pass in your life. He needs your cooperation.

At one point in Jesus' ministry He went into His own hometown and could do no mighty miracles there. Why couldn't He do at home what He did elsewhere? Because the people were so familiar with Him as being the carpenter's son they did not believe He was capable of doing any great miracles. Their faith was required to accomplish His will. Some might say it wasn't God's will to do mighty miracles in His hometown. But that's not what the scripture says. It says "He could not..."

Can God do mighty wonders in your life? Can God accomplish through you what He wants to? Yes, if you're not like His hometown. Yes, if you believe Him wholeheartedly. Yes, if you are willing to stand firm in your faith. Yes, if you're willing to take God's word and plant it in your heart, believe it, request it, and stand in faith to see it come to pass.

Your faith turns you into a lightning rod for the power of God to move in your life.

Are you able to believe God for His will to come to pass in your life?

God is able to deliver but you must be willing to believe.

My friend I pray that you would be filled with the knowledge of God's will for you.(Colossians 1:9) I also pray that you will receive faith in your heart by hearing God's word. (Romans 10:17)
I pray that God would bless you and your relationship with Him would produce wonderful things that would cause others to marvel and desire to know Jesus as Savior as well.

Love ya