History Will Prove Us Wrong About...

Hey Friends,

Some of the things I've seen in the news lately have bugged me a bit.
I know the abortion issue has been raging for years, but when people start picking on the likes of me because I'm happy about a pro-life candidate, I guess it got under my skin a bit so I'm writing this:

I believe everyone in the USA is against slavery.
Everyone sees how unjust it is and inhumane. From history's vantage point we see the shame on our nation.

Why is it that the country's eyes are blinded to the injustice of abortion?

I believe history will prove America wrong. We as a whole were wrong about the way we thought about abortion. When we as a nation thought it was OK to kill a human for convenience sake - we were wrong.

I believe this is a time that is worse than when slavery was normal and worse than when Hitler was killing his masses.

History will show the deep shame of killing your weakest.

I can not vote for someone who is for abortion - it is a litmus test!

Lord, grant this country repentance so that as a nation we can see the evil of this sin and turn away from it. In Jesus' Name I pray!

Thanks for reading