Nothing but Me

Hey Friends,

Here's an entry from my journal the other day. Hope it helps:



Father, I love you.

Love me, son; with all your heart. Let me lift you. Let me strengthen you. 

You’d be amazed and you don’t know yet how much my power can lift you and strengthen you. You haven’t experienced it. 

But are you sold out to me completely? Have you given it all up for me? What are you holding on to that is so important that it’s more important than me? Examine these things. Let my Holy Spirit show you what is holding you back; what you are holding onto. 

I love you son. Be free from the constraints and trappings of this world. The satisfaction to come to you far exceeds what you’ve experienced. 

Nothing but me. Let that be your focus: nothing but me. Everything else will fall into its proper place when there is nothing but me. You’ll see how everything fits.