Encouragement to Tread New Ground

Hey Friends,

Here's something the Lord spoke to me last night. I hope you're blessed.



Son, fear not. The days ahead are strife and trembling throughout the earth. You’ll see shaking, quaking & pain. Don’t let this shake you. Be firm in me. Firm in my love. Firm in my word. You’ll see my glory overtake pain in people’s lives. Let my glory flow through you. You’ll see it. You’ll see it.

Don’t walk where others go. Walk where my spirit leads you. Watch my hand. Watch my eye. My spirit is leading you. Go where I send you. Go where I lead you. That’s the only place you belong. I have not called you to follow a man, but to follow my spirit. The way may seem unenlightened and untrodden but this is why I gave you an imagination so you could see what does not exist. You must see it and see it clearly. This comes in prayer, meditation and imaginations led by my spirit. I will paint the picture for you to walk in. you must see it. Then you can walk in it. This will be fun, because you’ll see me create things that don’t exist just so you can accomplish my desires.