The Best Story On Leadership I've Ever Heard

Hey Friends,

I've been teaching on Leadership at our church's leader's meetings. 

Check this out:

   When my sister, Connie, was in high school, one day the teacher walks in and says,
     "Today, we are going to talk about leadership. But first, I want everyone in this room
     who thinks they are a follower to get up and stand on the left side of the room.
     Everyone who thinks they are a leader, get up and stand on the right side of the room."

   So all of the kids, trying to be humble or something,
     got up and stood on the follower side of the room. 

   Nobody stood on the leader's side.

   My sister, standing in that follower line looked around and said, "Well, I guess I'm a leader."
   and she walked over to the leader's side of the room. 

   After she did this..... 

              everyone followed her!

Remember my friends:
To be a leader, 
  • you have to be going somewhere
  • you have to provide enough influence for them to leave their status quo
People want a better life and won't follow you unless you can better their position.

Lead On My Friends