Today's Word

Here's a word that the Lord spoke to me yesterday morning.

Son, don't get so focused on the answers as the solutions to your problems that you forget to come to me for the answers. I am the answer. Don't leave me out of the loop. Trusting me for every answer brings my presence into every area of your life.

I want that.

I want to be able to work miracles and show you my glory. But if you only rely on your knowledge base for your answers and not on seeking me then the miracle touch you desire can never come.

Seek Me Son!

Seek My face.

Seek my love.

Seek my wisdom.

You will be satisfied, not only in that your problem will be solved in wonderful ways but you will have me.

If you seek me you will find me.

If you seek me, you can have me.

Come, son.
Come and seek me.
Come to know me.
Come, I want to love you.
You'll see my hand.

You'll see my glory.