I'm Going to Liberia!!! Will You Help?

Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Nancy & I and the kids are doing great. The church is doing very well. I’m writing to share with you an opportunity that I have to spread the Gospel.

At the beginning of this year a friend of mine, Eldon Tracy, a missionary for many years/decades asked me if I would join him on a mission trip to Monrovia, Liberia. His plan is to travel there by way of Belgium. When he first brought it up I thought “Well, I’ll pray about this and see what the Lord says.” But while I was thinking that, I heard the voice of the Lord very clearly say, “Go with him.”

Eldon and I met for prayer here at the office a while ago. That prayer time was a profound experience. The Lord seemed to be making things very clear that it was His will for us to go.

We leave October 15th and I’ll be back two weeks later. Eldon will stay an extra week after I leave.

In Monrovia there is a church called Faith In Christ Church. We will be having a conference on Leadership, Giving & Tithing, Evangelism and Church Growth. 4-500 people will be in attendance along with several pastors. We’ll have meetings every morning and afternoon for four days. While I’m there I’ll be doing most of the teaching. The conference will continue the following week with Eldon teaching.

So I need your prayers and your financial support. The cost of the trip is over $7,500. I want to raise the funds for travel costs for Eldon and myself, then include the costs of the conference as well.

So please pray for us: pray for our safety, our effectiveness, for divine appointments, for miracles, for the message to come forth with clarity and for every need to be provided.

Pray also what the Lord might have you do financially. God might whisper in your ear or put a desire in your heart. Either way follow what He says. If each part of the Body does what He says then there will be no lack, only abundance. How wonderful it would be for me to take a financial gift to those in need over there as well.

On the way to Liberia, I will have a chance to minister in Brussels on Sunday afternoon. I’m really looking forward to that.

Well, my friend, the ball’s in your court.

If you want to give you can go online using Paypal(you don’t have to have a Paypal account) at www.familylife.cc/donate.

If you want to donate by check you can write the check to Family Life and send it to

Joseph Barlow Ministries(c/o Liberia Trip)

640 East St. Charles Road

Carol Stream, IL 60188

Remember we leave in mid-October and the expenses need to be paid soon. So, just follow the Lord.

I’ll write back and tell you how the support is coming unless you write and tell me to exclude you. J

I love you all.

Keep seeking God’s will for your life.


Pastor Joseph Barlow

Family Life Christian Center


640 E. St. Charles Road

Carol Stream, IL 60188