Romanian Service

Hey Friends,

I was given the privilege of speaking at the Oasis of Light church down in San Antonio, TX. What a beautiful group of people. I taught their youth on Friday night on "Becoming Marriable" that was very interesting. My wife, Nancy, said everyone needs to hear that message. Maybe I'll put that up some time. It includes our testimony of how God brought us together.

On Sunday night, their church had their first Romanian service. I got to be the main speaker for that as well. I was amazed by the amount of anointing that flowed through in that setting. Toward the end of the message the Lord gave me a picture of a man opening a gift that was full of all kinds of blessings and Jesus just continued to plead with him to finish opening the gift.

It's interesting listening to messages with a translator, but if you can get through it, I think you'll be blessed. I'm teaching on the essence of Grace and Peace.
(Give it a few seconds to load.)

Blessings on you my friends,