Let My Word Rise in You

Son, keep speaking for Me—let My word rise in you.
Let it be sharp and penetrating.
Let it cut deeply into the hearts and lives of those I bring.
I will bring them son.
You will increase more and more, shedding light on things that have been dark in people’s hearts—places they couldn’t get any light on.
I’ll speak through you with stories and wisdom and understanding that will rescue many.

I love you, son.
Thank you for speaking for Me in this way.
I will reward you.
Stay close to Me son.
Don’t wander from your source.
All the light you have comes from Me.
I will fill you, son.
On days I don’t give you something, don’t try to come up with something on your own—just rest and know that I’m at work. This is a joint effort son; you’re not flying solo on this.