Trouble In The Land - What To Do

Hey Friends,

The Lord spoke this to me a few months ago:
Here's my journal entry from 2/19/2011

Good morning Lord,

There's a lot of turmoil in the world today - Wisconsin, DC, several states budget battles, in other countries rebellion against standing leadership

Son, there's coming even more shaking. The Kingdom of Darkness will continue to work to consume itself and any others it may.

If no one takes responsibility to correct things the people will return to anarchy.

Son, be fiscally responsible. Always believe me for the things I tell you to do. Trust that my provision will come and don't shrink back from your stand of faith.

I am God and I can and will provide. The government is not God. It cannot provide all that it has promised. Great disappointment will follow these broken promises and you will see violence throughout the land. The way this shakes out depends on what the righteous will do. Pray for those who are called to stand up and speak that they would allow me to speak through them.

So, my friends, let's be praying!
Love ya