Another Missions Trip - Here Comes Uganda!!!

Dear Friends,

Many of you remember that I went to Luxembourg and Liberia, West Africa a few years ago. That was a powerful trip. Several of you helped me to make that trip. Thank you.

Earlier this year, I met a young pastor from Uganda. My brother, Andrew, from Texas introduced us. It was a powerful meeting. I really sensed the Lord’s hand on it. In that meeting, he spoke of the Lord’s direction to him to have me come to Uganda, stay in his home, and minister in his church. I agreed to come.

I’m coupling this trip to Uganda with another trip to Luxembourg. Nancy will travel with me to Luxembourg; we’ll minister there for a week. She’ll then return home while I go on to Uganda.

The cost of travel can be high. In this case we're paying for the cost of the flights, some hotel in transit, the cost of hotel in Luxembourg, and other incidentals. This comes out to several thousand dollars. If you are interested in helping by contributing to this trip, you can make a check payable to Joseph Barlow Ministries and send it to the address below or you can go online to my blog at and contribute through PayPal. These contributions are tax-deductible, you will receive a receipt at the end of the year for your taxes.

We need to purchase these tickets by the end of the third week of October.

If you’re not able to help financially, please keep us in prayer, that the ministry would be very effective and that the pastors and churches where we minister will be strengthened.

God bless you & thanks for your support & help.

Pastor Joseph Barlow
Family Life Christian Center/Joseph Barlow Ministries
640 East St. Charles Road Suite 200
Carol Stream, IL 60188