Vengeance Is So Heavy

Over a week ago I was turning left in front of the Glen Ellyn Library to head North over the tracks. I was waiting while three cars were heading south toward me then turning right. The last car looked like he had his blinker on so I pulled out  to turn left. After I pulled out he slowed  because he apparently was not planning on turning and I was now in his way. He yelled out the window at me some unrepeatable curse words.  Well I’m not around people much who talk like that so that stuff hurts my ears; especially when it's directed at me. I then started to feel offended and the chemical reactions in my body started to rise up with how to handle this. All kinds of imaginations flooded my head. Then I remembered the scripture verse that said, “Bless those who curse you and pray for those who spitefully use you.” So, I started praying for this guy, to bless him. I prayed that he would get a raise in his job and maybe even a promotion and that God would bless his marriage and finances and all his relationships. That the goodness of God would overtake him. It was such a relief to take this position, because before I thought of this scripture, some of my imaginations toward him would not necessarily be classified as Christian. Later I remembered the scripture that says, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” When I thought about that I realized the heaviness of the burden of wanting to pay that guy back for yelling curses at me. When I compare that to the light feeling that I had when I was praying for blessings on his life there was a stark contrast. Now I understand why God says that vengeance is His. It is too heavy for us as humans to carry it. I love God. His wisdom really makes things easier.