Living Free From The Fear of Death

A few weeks ago I spoke at church about living without fear of death. I thought I would unfold a few thoughts for you here that might help:

I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 11 years old, I got filled with the Holy Spirit at age 13, but because of bad theology and lack of teaching there was a void in my life. You see I had a great relationship with the Lord. I prayed regularly, got into the word not as regular, went to church as much as I could, I was filled with the Spirit and had wonderful things happening in my life, even hearing the voice of God on occasion and also as I journaled,  but I knew nothing of any eternal assurance. I didn’t know where I was going when I died. When I was 19 I began to hear the word preached on a regular basis. In my old church they would read the scriptures but no one had any real understanding of them. At the new church there was teaching coming from the pulpit that really made me come alive. I found out that for a Christian, a child of God, heaven is promised. Its not a ‘wait and see’ proposition. I was astounded, really amazed; not only did I get this great relationship with God, but I got to go to heaven too.

Knowing Where You’re Going

Once you know your eternal destination, you’re not just hoping now, but the Holy Spirit has taught it to you internally then you come into a place where a base fear, a primordial fear can be released. The fear of death is a haunting thing. But when you know what’s on the other side of death’s door then it doesn’t look so daunting.

Now self-preservation is a base instinct. We have a natural, built-in tendency to do whatever we can to stay alive. This is good and wonderful. But the fear of death gives place to some rational fears and some irrational.

Why So Afraid?

Most people only know what they can see with their physical eyes. Heaven is not a reality to them so they must hang on to the only reality they know. Death is a door way that leads to eternity. Obviously its a pretty big question: did you get your eternal accommodations worked out? If you didn’t there is a default but its not heaven. If you haven’t chosen Jesus Christ as your saviour and given the Lordship of your life over to him then I recommend you do. If you haven’t, you have great reason to fear death, because on the other side of death’s door is eternal judgment. But if you’ve got this eternity question worked out then death should be avoided but not feared.