Hearing God's Voice: My First Time

I want to share with you more about hearing the Lord's voice and how to live your whole life under his immediate direction.
To start out you need to hear how I first heard the Lord's voice, it's an amazing story, but it really happened to me in 3rd grade. Here goes...

One morning in third grade as I was getting ready to go to school (St. Vincent's in Akron, Ohio) I reached up into the front hall closet to get my hat. As I was doing that I heard this on the inside of me, "There's going to be a new boy at school today. I want you to take care of him for me."

I simply agreed and knew that I had a job to do. So half-way through the morning when the school principal walked in to our class with a new boy under her right arm I was not even surprised. She said , "Children, I want you to meet Tony, he's going to be joining your class."

As soon as I had an opportunity, at recess, I went right up to Tony, introduced myself then introduced to him to all my friends. When we were playing games on the playground I made sure that Tony was in all the games. Pretty soon everybody wanted Tony on their team. Tony became the hero of the day.

The interesting thing was Tony at first glance could easily have fallen into the category of one who is easily made fun of; but because I had heard God's voice and obeyed by taking care of his child Tony wasn't made fun of, he was the hero.

Thank God for God!

In the Bible, the prophet Samuel as a young boy heard the voice of the Lord for the first time.

If God has never introduced himself to you maybe you need to start the conversation. Ask Jesus to be your Lord, give your life to Him. This is important because there are a lot of voices out there. You want to make sure you get hooked up with the right one. Jesus Christ is the only light, all others are imitation.

I'll share more about this tomorrow,
God bless your day!