Where've You Been?

Well Friends, things have been picking up like we wanted them to, problem is it makes it tough to blog.

But good things are happening:
Some personal ministry to various people has been successful. People are getting answers. Its not all rosy and peachy keen though. Some people I'm working with have serious struggles. I want to see these people get help. I know Jesus has all the answers and He is the answer.

It gets interesting when you know things are beyond your ability, its then you need to find out:

Who brought me here?

Did I get myself into this situation or did God bring me here?
  • If I got into it myself I need to call to Him for mercy and ask Him to deliver me.
  • If He brought me into it, He didn't do it so that I'd fail. He always leads us into victory.

Either way you have to run to Him. Let's rely on Him more.

Our midweek service has really started to pick up. We call it "Activation". We're trying to get more and more people involved. People are loving it. We moved it out of the main sanctuary into the fellowship hall. We set up a stage and lighting and video. Its a much more intimate setting.

God bless you all - keep us in your prayers.

Don't hesitate to bring us your prayer requests.

Love ya