Smile Reminder

There is a maintenance man at the church I used to go to, his name is Artie. Artie always has a smile. When he's doing his chores he's singing away, having a great time. Artie is not always smiling and singing because everything is going his way. Things are going his way because he's singing and smiling.

One day as I was walking into the church I saw Artie cleaning the windows, smiling and singing. I said, "Artie, did you know that your smile is spiritual warfare?"
I explained that as he smiles at people someone might come up to him who the devil has been riding them trying to get them to think negative so they can ultimately do negative. But when they come with their negative attitude and see Artie with that big smile, the devil can lose his grip on that person.

Smile it will make your brain think you're happy!

Please don't forget to keep your joy flowing.

There are plenty of reasons to frown, but don't let yourself get in that habit.

With a frown you can't help anybody.

Smiles lift you up.

Smiles lift others up.

When you smile you begin to think about positive things.

The Bible says that when your eyes are full of light then your whole body is full of light. If you are focused on the negative you're filling yourself with darkness. If you are focusing on things that make you smile then you're filling yourself with light.

Keep smiling folks, it's spiritual warfare. You cause the devil to lose his grip off people, he'll lose his grip on you too.

Love ya