A Few Words From The Lord

Hey Friends,

I want to start sharing some journal entries with you. Many have shared how hearing my conversations with God has really helped them. I hope these help you.




Thursday March 2nd, 2006

Son, my will is accomplished as you walk in love and are led by my spirit. Do as I tell you Son and all will be well

Friday March 3rd, 2006

Son, continue to put things in order. My spirit is on you for that. Enjoy your day.

Son, I need to thank you for the conversation with MMMMM. You spoke my heart to him. He knew he was loved yet received the correction I had in store for him. Thank you Son for being faithful to my heart and speaking on my behalf.

Monday March 6th, 2006

Son, my plan is still unfolding. Don't think that you see it all but be eager for me to reveal more to you. Watch and see but I have many delightful blessings in store for you.

Tuesday March 7th 2006

I am doing a work Son. I am exalting myself higher in the earth this day. I am letting man see my glory and my strength. What I do may surprise you. But know that I only act by love. Be ready to pick up that which falls from this great shaking.

Wednesday March 8th 2006

Son, walking in my ways-few do- but I will have my way-I will have my own-who call on my name and perform my will

Thursday March 9th 2006

I love you Son. Pray in the Spirit and write my plan-you'll see the blessings flow.