Speak For Yourself??? No thanks!

I'll skip the normal blog apology of being sorry for not posting in so long (although I am).

This passage caught my eye in my reading this evening:

John 7:18
He who speaks on his own
does so to gain honor for himself,
but he who works
for the honor of the one who sent him
is a man of truth;
there is nothing false about him.

This is a true desire in my heart: to really only work
  • to serve Him,
  • honor Him and
  • represent Him accurately.
With each step of obedience I feel like I'm drawing closer to the end of who I am and becoming more of an accurate representation of who I'm trying to represent.

Some steps He calls us to take are not easy.

If we were robots we'd simply do as commanded.

Yet we have emotions, personalities, desires; we are such complex beings.
Yet He still wants obedience. It helps us to conform to Him.

Meditating on this passage above shows me that Jesus went through this same process that I'm going through.

Not always fun, but always rewarding.

He is Love!

I want to be more like Him.