In or Out?

Hey Friends,

While I was teaching at church last night an interesting thought came out, I thought I'd share it with you:

Years ago I took a class on speed-reading, "Evelyn Woods". One of the things they mentioned about learning methods is that the American education system spends about 80% of its time putting information in to the students and about 20% of the time getting them to recall through tests and the like. Yet studies show that if you increase the amount of time spent in recalling the knowledge, learning greatly increases. They recommended 40% input/60% recall.

I see people sitting in churches listening, listening and saying "Amen" but not doing much to draw anything out of themselves.

Jesus said that out of our bellies would flow rivers of living waters. I believe that is His Word coming out of our spirit as we speak to others.

You'll find that if you spend more time thinking about, speaking it and acknowledging what God has already done on the inside of you, then your faith will become more effective. If you spend more time on drawing from that deep well inside you and giving to others, you will feel better about your life in Christ.

As Philemon 6 says:
That the communication of thy faith
may become effectual
by the acknowledging of every good thing
which is in you in Christ Jesus.

So get the flow going from in to out.

Love ya,
Be blessed