53 Days Left

Well the end is coming!

The end of the year that is.

53 days left. Maybe less by the time you read this.

Have you given up on your 07 goals?

Did you hit any of them.

People who pay attention to their goals have a much higher chance of hitting them.

(Next time make a poster and put the goals up!)

You still have time to make some progress on your 07 goals.

If you can find them, pull them out, look them over.

Did you really want to do that?

Did you make any progress?

What could you do before the end of the year?

Remember, thinking big is great for goal setting,
but thinking small (in bite-sized steps) is better for actually accomplishing the goal.

I challenge you: go ahead and finish one of your 07 goals.

You still have some time.

Remember, Napoleon said that one of the reasons he won so many battles is because he understood the value of 5 minutes.

I'm working on mine.

Be blessed