So What Do You Want For Christmas?

Hey Friends,

What would you like for Christmas???

That question either brings up a list of desires or stirs up some anxiety.

Nancy & I went out to lunch a few weeks ago with a couple who've been used mightily by the Lord. It was the first time we had met them but I felt prompted by the Lord to ask them a question:

What are you believing God for?

I figured, everybody wants something from the Lord. Most people wish something in their life would change or they want something that they are lacking.

When I ask people that question it causes them to dig inside themselves to find out what their real desires are. That can cause some anxiety and it did when this fellow started to answer.

I put him at ease by letting him know that I really just wanted to add my prayers and faith with his. After he and his wife started digging around on the inside of themselves he brought up something that was a real hot-button topic for me. He started talking about organizational structures and preparing for growth in his ministry.

This was when I realized why the Lord had me bring up the question. God wanted to minister something from the inside of me to the inside of them. It was a powerful experience as I began to encourage them with what God had given me already.

They left that lunch time sensing that they had been touched by God. And it all came from asking a simple question:

What are you believing God for?

So, I have a question for you:

What do you want for Christmas?

Let me know,