Are You Lonely?

During Christmas time people try to be very cheery. MERRY Christmas!

Well some people struggle with that.

One quote I heard this year was
"Happiness doesn't come from money it comes from relationships."

In the Bible, the very first thing that God disapproved of was man being alone.
He set about immediately to change it. You should too.

The other night my wife, Nancy, came home from shopping with a few of our kids.
She said something about really needing to spend time with me because she felt lonely.
Now I don't claim to understand women :) , but I can't see Nancy being lonely. We have seven children and we spend ALOT of time together.

As soon as she said that, I said, "Nancy, I don't think that's you. I think it's a burden to pray for someone else."
She said she instantly knew that I was right. She said it was a deep grieving in her gut. Someone hurting really bad.
She spent some time praying in the spirit for them until the burden lifted. Nancy is quite a prayer warrior.
If that was you that she was praying for, be encouraged. God is thinking about you. God agrees with your discontent with being lonely. He wants to change it. He wants it changed.

The other day I was taping a video devotional for the TLN network. One of the devotionals I taped went something like this:

January 9

Researcher Carolyn Schwartz wanted to see if multiple sclerosis sufferers would benefit from receiving monthly peer-support phone calls from other MS victims. But over time, a surprising trend emerged. While those receiving support calls appeared to gain some mild benefit, the real beneficiaries were those lending a supportive ear. In fact, those who offered support experienced dramatic improvements in their quality of life—several times more so than those they were helping.

My Friend,
If you're lonely. Change it. Call someone. Help someone. Get out of those four walls, either physically, via phone, email or snail mail. Reach out. Help someone. You will be quite blessed.
Local nursing homes need volunteers to come and just talk to people.

If you're lonely reach out to someone else. Don't wait until they reach out to you.

You'll be blessed if you do.
Love ya