I Love My New MP3 Player

Hey Friends,

I got a new MP3 player. It's a Sansa Clip.

I want to encourage you: if you're not up on this technology, you're missing out on a blessing.

You can see the size of this one, its very convenient and has a clip on the back to clip it to yourself while you're exercising or in my case preaching. It has a built in mic so I can record conversations or messages that I teach. It's very helpful.

Another thing that I really like is I got the Bible on MP3 from www.firefighters.org, it's free. I love listening to the Word. It's such a blessing to just turn this on and let the Word minister to you.

You could also use it download some of my teachings at www.familylife.cc
or some of my music from the links at the top left of this page.

God bless you