When Kids Are Scared

Hey Friends,

One of my kids came up to my bedroom last night saying he had a scary experience in his bedroom. He said he felt like something was closing in on him and he felt something trying to clamp onto the top of his head. He was obviously scared and wanted to come talk to me about it.

I prayed for him and took authority over the spirit of fear. Then I explained to him a little bit about how demonic power operates. I told him that this was just a demon trying to bring fear into his life and that demons are only fallen angels. We have authority over demons, but we have to take and use that authority.

I told him that I was a little boy too once. I used to think alot of thoughts and pray alot too. One night when I was in my basement bedroom by myself I had prayed to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I prayed in tongues for the first time that night. 

The Bible says that the enemy comes immediately to steal the word that is sown in our hearts. That night after praying in the Spirit my room was suddenly filled with an evil presence. I was only 13 years old at the time. I remember being so scared. I remember saying "Jesus, you have to save me."

Immediately I saw a little picture in my mind of Jesus holding my head against His chest with His other arm extended behind me to ward off all evil. All the fear left instantly. I knew I was safe in Jesus and that I had received His Holy Spirit.

Relating this to my son last night his face seemed to brighten. I said, "Son, the difference is when I had that experience I called on the Lord to save me and He did. You called on me which is OK because I'm here to help you, but it's time for you to call on the Lord. The Bible says that those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

He seemed fine and confident after that but he still wanted to hang out up in our bedroom. With my encouragement he returned to his own room. 
He's doing just fine.

Blessings on you all 
Hope you're doing well.