Time With Family or What?

Hey Friends,

Who're you spending time with? 
Obviously right now you're on the computer. But who do you spend most of your time with?
  • Your cell phone? 
  • Your iPh0ne? 
  • Your computer? 
  • Your TV? 
  • Your HDTV? 
  • Your friends?
  • Your kids? 
  • Your spouse? 
All of us have relationships that we must manage, maintain & cultivate. But I found that if I have an unpleasant conversation with one of my relatives(spouse included) that in comparison, time with my computer can be more pleasant. My computer doesn't argue with me; it doesn't challenge me. Now human nature is such that, like electricity, it wants to take the path of least resistance. 

But that's not always good. If I end up spending all my time with inanimate things rather than real humans, then I don't grow. I don't become stronger. Think of human relationships as if you were a boxer. If you only box with those who are weaker than you, you'll never improve. If you never have conversations with people that challenge you deeply you'll never grow.

Studies prove that money does not bring lasting happiness, relationships do.
Before my parents got married in the late 1940's they went around and asked people what brought true happiness. The answer from all the couples they interviewed was the same: "having children."

This shows from voices of experience that learning to relate to others is the shortest path to happiness. So I encourage you: is there someone you should call right now? Or email? Or visit? Maybe it's somebody right there in the room with you or in the next room? Try it out. Go invest in a relationship. Happiness is waiting.