Take It By Faith!!!

The following is a short testimony/article I wrote for a healing magazine that our church publishes called "Revive":

So, when I was in High School, I had a thing called pharyngeal measles. It resulted in a loud hacking cough. It wasn’t contagious (as far as I know) so I continued in school coughing loudly and often. This illness was the kind that was more inconvenient than anything else. I had to go to the doctor’s office everyday to get a shot in the back end. Embarrassing, I know, but the only good thing about it was that the doctor’s of-fice was right next door to my house, so I didn’t have to go far.

One day a friend invited me to attend a three day retreat called TEC: Teens Encounter Christ. I accepted the invitation with eagerness. I was already born again and filled with the Spirit, and was looking for opportunities to increase my faith and draw closer to the Lord.

On the third day of this retreat they took each group of teens into the chapel for some more intimate prayer time. Each student was invited to pray in turn, and really just pour out their hearts to the Lord. Well, I did.

As I spoke to the Lord, I thanked Him for the wonderful weekend retreat and all that He was doing in my life. Then I said, “Lord, your word says that if I ask I will receive. So, I’m asking you to heal my body from this disease, and I believe I receive it right now.” After my group came out of the chapel, I felt I needed to testify to the larger group. So I stood up before them, and told them how I had asked the Lord to heal me, and that I had been healed. Now, I was still coughing; they all heard me. But I knew in my heart that I had asked and received. The coughing continued for the next three days, but then I was healed. Completely healed. This sickness had been going on for months. I was so happy to be healed. 
But I had to take it by faith!

God bless you friends,