Who's The Real Victim?

Hey Friends,

Today I asked this friend of mine, "Have you ever had someone lie about you to a friend and then you lost that friendship because of the lie?"

It leaves you feeling like you just got punched in the gut. Injustice is a terrible thing. Being lied about is painful.

As we discussed this, I said to my friend, "Do you know who is the biggest victim of this" common scenario? "God is." He loves and has many good relationships with people but then someone lies about Him and He loses relationships because someone else lies.

His foe is the Father of Lies. Satan is not only the accuser of the brethren but He accuses God right in our thoughts. His goal is for you to think God is guilty. If the Devil can get you to think that God is guilty then you won't be pursuing God.

Once we stop pursuing God, He is left without us.

I found myself falling prey to this subtle scheme. I found myself shrinking back from pursuing God because I was disappointed at how certain things had turned out. I was beginning to subtly think that God was not good. And if I seek Him I'm just wasting my time.

As I was praying about it, the Lord spoke to me:
Son, my love is strong, stronger than your rejection. Stronger than all accusation. Son, you've been disappointed but not by Me. Jesus took all sin and accusation upon Himself to show my love and to make the way for you to come to Me.

I was despised and rejected by men to bring all men healing & refreshing - to bring new life. Yet they reject Me still.

My friends, we don't need to continue to reject God or shy away from Him. He's not guilty and He's not mad at us. He doesn't stand there with His arms crossed but He stands there with His arms open wide and we are welcome and invited to run to His embrace.

Return to Him. He's waiting for you.

Don't be the victim of these lies any more. Don't let God and His relationship with you be victim to these lies any more.

God made you to have fellowship with Him. He enjoys it when you spend time with Him.

From that divine friendship with Him every other part of your life will flow from there. It's great.
I hope this helped you today.