Prepping Sunday Sermons

Well this was a very busy week.

We had Nancy's folks in, it was great to see them.

We also had a friend of the family David Jay, a wedding photographer who has been helping Sarah with her business. It was great seeing everybody but it didn't give me the time I normally like to prepare my Sunday morning message.

So, I was up late last night working on it and it just wasn't working. I finally decided to just trust God and go to bed. When I woke up this morning He started talking to me and giving me peace about what to say.

Before I left for church I told Nancy, I hadn't had enough time to prepare, she said, God's going to speak and it'll be the best you've ever done.

I think it came out great. One older fellow in the back came up to me and said "That's the best I've heard."

Well check it out and let me know. I hope it helps you.

God bless you all.

Let me know if you need something from God. I have access (so do you!)

Pastor Joe