Check This Out

The other day I went off to a local coffee place to sit and spend some time with the Lord. My house is pretty busy. I put on my earphones and had my laptop. As soon as I sat down the Lord started talking to me. It was a pretty serious word. Take some time to digest this one.



Strength, strength, strength to My people; governance and fortitude; wisdom and power.

My will must be accomplished and many say, ‘How can it be with the few we have?’ The few you have are mighty! The few you have are enough, if you listen to My Spirit and obey Me with your whole heart. One can take a nation.

“Will you follow Me? Will you set yourself apart and truly be Mine? You've signed up for the army, and failed to show up for duty. Come near, My children. My power is ready to manifest, and I can and will use you. Walk closer. Come! Even run to Me. I'm waiting.

“Come to the secret place and sit with Me. Get alone. Know that I am God. Know that as you sit before your Commanding Officer, the Holy Spirit, it will become known to you what you must do. I will not spill My will out on the ground. Become a trustworthy vessel for My commands.

“And as you sit, you will be astounded at what will be revealed to you. Move on My commands in My timing. Just because you've heard what must be done, don't assume you know how to do it. Continue to pray and sit before Me in that secret place. Let Me birth this thing through you. Birth comes in My timing, not yours.

If “you think you can do anything I've spoken on your own, then you are misinformed by the spirit of this world. Listen to Me and wait. Your self-achieving spirit won't work in My Kingdom. Wait on Me with My fruit of patience, and watch the beautiful fruit grow. There'll be plenty to do, so don't despise days of rest and sitting, waiting. How you'll long for them later!

There is a massive harvest, and it’s Mine!” says the Lord.